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Integrated Biological Systems, Inc. Since 1986

Product guide

We have biological fungicide products, polymers to trap moisture in the root zone of plants, biological insect growth regulators, foliar fertilizers, dry soluble nutrients, liquid repellants to mix with insecticides for better results and surfactants. products to get rid of salts in the soil and more! Some of these products we have been working with since 1986.

a SYSTEMS approach

We use different biological products in a systems approach. Soil amendments to control erosion, trap moisture in the soil, foliar treatments, bio-stimulants and repellants. We have been in the soil improvement business since 1986.


Our products deliver lower input cost, more phosphorus availability even without using phosphorus fertilizer, better water infiltration, less sodium, bigger root mass, mellow soil, more profit!


What a Soil Test Really Says

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